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Correlatore is a programme developed in Tcl/Tk which can be used for the rhythmic analysis of files annotated with Praat (textgrids). It calculates %V, ΔC, ΔV, Varcos, PVIs, CCIs. So, if you wish to carry on research on the acoustic correlates of speech rhythm, you only need to annotate your audio files with Praat: open the TextGrids in Correlatore, you will obtain the values for the correlates and you will be able to build charts with the results (such as the one here, which comes from my PhD thesis).

Correlatore is released under the terms of the GPL license, so you can download it and use it freely. I've spent a considerable amount of time in writing it, so if you publish your research, please quote Correlatore as follows:
Mairano, P. & Romano, A. (2010) Un confronto tra diverse metriche ritmiche usando Correlatore. In: Schmid, S., Schwarzenbach, M. & Studer, D. (eds.) La dimensione temporale del parlato, (Proc. of the V National AISV Congress, University of Zurich, Collegiengebaude, 4-6 February 2009), Torriana (RN): EDK, 79-100.

Below you can download the latest version for Windows, or the multi-platform source files (for the latter you will need to have Tcl/Tk installed - see the documentation). Correlatore does not need to be installed, you simply unzip it and double-click correlatore.exe (or correlatore.tcl if you use the sources). Feel free to send me any suggestion you may have or issues you may find.
NB: You are advised to read the documentation carefully, and in particular the 'Warning' section, where you can find the annotation criteria that need to be followed.

(New - please read) Some people reported that Correlatore cannot read TextGrids generated with new Praat versions: this happens because new versions of Praat use UTF-16 text encoding, which is not supported by Correlatore.
In order to solve this issue, do the following from Praat main menu: select 'Praat', 'Preferences', 'Text writing preferences...', then select UTF-8.
Now you just have to re-open and re-save your TextGrids, they will be readable by Correlatore.

Who is using Correlatore?

Here is a list of works for which authors used Correlatore. (NB: if you are a researcher who used it and your article does not appear in this list, feel free to write to me and I will be happy to add your work to the list!)

And more people have cited it. See here a list of publications that quoted Correlatore.